Friday, April 8, 2011



What comes to mind when you think of Gypsies, romantic travelers or stealers of children and chickens?

Either end diminishes our reality and minimizes us as a people.

Stereotypes are often based in reality but must be understood in an historical context.

For example, it is true that Romani/Gypsy women have always worn jewelry, and that traveling has been a way of life.

What must be acknowledged, however, is that both of these “traits” were born of persecution. Romani were forbidden from settling in the countries through which they traveled. It meant survival to be able to flee quickly, wearing your assets.

Stereotypes become dangerous when they are the only lense through which an entire people are perceived.

Lolo Diklo: Romani Against Racism confronts and deconstructs the common stereotypes of the Romani people.

We are proud of our vibrant and gentle culture and invite everyone to explore and enjoy it.

But it is important that you recognize and remember that we are much more than the stereotypes of us.

Real Gypsies are living real lives, and in Europe those lives are extremely difficult.

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