Wednesday, April 13, 2011


***The following is a witness account of the deportations of Romani from Germany to Kosovo.  There has been no moral outrage to these "discreet" deportations.  Conditions for Romani in Kosovo are horrendous.  Remember the lead mines.  Sometime it is hard to take seriously the statements of the E.U. (Roma Inclusion), and the U.S. Secretary of State.   Morgan
43 people exposed at Pristina Airport

Yesterday, about 17:00 the deportation planes came after a stopover in Vienna to Pristina. One of our supporters on the ground could see 43 people who arrived by plane. Thus, there are at least less than the planned more than 100 passengers and also less than initially estimated at Dusseldorf Airport. Nevertheless, any deportation is too much and caused great suffering among those affected! Our observer told us of for him hardly bearable scenes on the Pristina airport: children crying, frustrated and desperate people looking for a place to go.

Representatives of the German Embassy and the URA II project were also present and offered the deportees in a few days in a hotel near the airport to descend. This offer was hardly noticed because after their arrival, most fled the airport. Further integration aids are anyway only open to 'voluntary' returnees and not for deportees.

Sabilje Begani and her four children were also found. Whether there will be an opportunity for her to return is uncertain and will probably not succeed overnight. As long as they will have to set up in Kosovo, which might be problematic for a single woman with four small children. All this in addition to the concern is for her critically ill husband, whom she now cannot visit in hospital.

The situation of a man from Rheine is also dramatic. He was deported along with his 20-year-old pregnant daughter while his wife remained with five children in Rheine. Here was again ruthlessly separated a family, too! Previously, they had lived 21 years in Germany.


Anonymous said...

Here's a short, but good, NPR news clip covering the conditions the Roma (particularly the children) face back in Kosovo:

Morgan said...

Thanks Rae. I'm going to post this.

You are such a good one.


Anonymous said...

Are Germans doing to Roma what they did to Jews?

Morgan said...

Well, the Nazis did it to Roma as well during the Holocaust. And it continues throughout Europe to this day.
Amazingly, Germany seems to be trying. Much more than can be said for most Western European Nations, and certainly more so than Eastern European countries.
Thanks so much for your comment.