Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Gypsy Mela and Women Expo 2011 today

Staff Report


LAHORE: Grass Root Organisation for Human Development (GODH) and Punjab Social Welfare Department are to organise a “Gypsy Mela and Women Expo 2011” at the Children Library Complex today (Wednesday).

The event is being organised with the aid of Social Welfare and Children Library Complex district officer. MPA Mohsin Latif and artist Usman Peerzada would be chief guests of the event. The children gypsy community would also be present at the inauguration ceremony of the event.

Before the beginning of the carnival itself, some activities are going to be presented at the complex, like donkey cart race, hen show, pigeon competition, guli danda, dance competition, stappo in the settlement of gypsies. The prizes to the winners would be distributed during the carnival.

Stalls of gypsy products would also be set up at the carnival, with several civil society organisations showcasing their publications and handicrafts as well. Gypsies from all over Pakistan would perform their folk dances and stage plays, not just for the entertainment of the participants but also to highlight the challenges and situations they have to face.

The social welfare department would also arrange an exhibition of handicrafts made by women, along with the display of 30 other stalls. GODH is a non-government organisation, which strives for the socio-political and economical welfare of the city’s indigenous community of gypsies. The organisation is involved in provision of education and health facilities within the gypsy settlements since last twelve years, and from the last three years they are organising this campaign to uplift the conditions of the gypsy community.

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