Sunday, April 17, 2011


Gypsy Culture Gets The Documentary Treatment In DO AS YOU LIKEY

April 16, 2011 5:12 PM

Documentary, UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand

One of the most maligned cultures in the world, the gypsies - or travelers - are experiencing something of a resurgence in the UK with shows like Simon Cowell's Travelers Got Talent proving to be hugely successful. And looking to shine a light on the culture are acclaimed filmmakers Nicola and Teena Collins with their just wrapped Do As You Likey. Here's the official word:

Following the success of their award-winning documentary 'The End', an inside look at the lives of East London gangsters growing up in post-war Britain, critically acclaimed filmmakers Nicola and Teena Collins have wrapped principal photography on their new feature length documentary 'Do As You Likey.' Do As You Likey is a compelling and revealing look at life as a British gypsy and has capitalized on the recent headlines and popularity of Simon Cowell's latest talent show installment 'Travellers Got Talent." Instinctive Film's Darryn Welch is financing and producing the project.

With the newfound fame and fascination surrounding the gypsy community, The Collins Twins will be offering audiences rare access to this fascinating and misunderstood culture. Nicola & Teena explore the struggles of five gypsy families and will visit the grand finale of 'Travellers Got Talent,' where many hopefuls battle it out singing, dancing and rapping to become the most talented gypsy in England.

'Do As You Likey' should prove to be yet another fascinating look at alternative cultures by the exciting duo. Using their distinct style, they will be providing the most realistic, intimate and unbiased look into a part of society we usually only get a glimpse of. Music score is by Andy Macfarlane of Scottish band The Twilight Sad.

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