Monday, April 4, 2011


This week I did a presentation at the fouth and fifth grade class at Orca School in Columbia City, Seattle WA. 

I really enjoy talking with young people and have had wonderful experiences at many schools including Alternative School #1 and St. Lukes.

Most often, when i do a presentation on the Romani people, I need to begin with an explanation of who we are and why we are more than the stereotypes put upon us.

To my surprise and endless happiness, this class not only knew who Romani are, but had done independent research into the realities of the Romani.  They did not rely on stereotypes for even one instant. 

When I arrived at the class, I expected to have similar questions to most engagements, but the questions these students asked showed not only a sophistication, but also the respect to do research before.

They had drawn several flags which were hanging around the room, along with the words to Gelem, Gelem.  They had created language books where they discovered simple words in Romanes and translated them. They created a model varda. THEY KNEW WHO HITLER WAS....

I was so touched that I was almost in tears.  In all the years I have been talking with young folks, this was one of the few times I talked with a class who already saw us beyond the stereotypes.

I offer my sincere thanks to Orca School, to teacher Patrick Scott, and to all the wonderful  students with whom I met. 
Your efforts and respect mean a lot to me.  I have been spreading the word about Orca School.

Nais tukai
Your friend


Jo Cripps said...

This is fantastic! I'm so glad ORCA is on the case regarding social justice and human rights. And they are so lucky to have Morgan as their guest!
--Jo Cripps

Morgan said...

Ah Jo, thanks so much for your comment.

Orca School and Seattle Alternative #1 are two highlights of my career.

I do so worry about budget cuts.

Nais tukai pal