Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today the future of many inocent people was destroyed!

We do not tolerate any further deportations!

Today, on 12 April, it came despite massive protests and concerns to a large collective deportation to Kosovo. Among the deportees were many Roma, who had been tolerated for years here in Germany. Apart from the fact that deportations represent a violent intrusion into the lives of those affected and therefore already are reprehensible, the deportation of long term tolerated Roma to Kosovo is a special cruelty against innocent people.

Roma in Kosovo are a highly discriminated minority and are exposed to racially motivated attacks and exclusion from society. Their lives are not save there.

Single mothers, elderly and sick people are particularly at risk. In particular, the common practice of the authorities in charge of the tearing apart families, away leads to dramatic destinies and those affected live in fear and vulnerability.

Even now, Germany has an opportunity missed to make amends to a small part of the consequences of the crimes committed against the Roma community by granting Roma refugees protection from discrimination and persecution. On the contrary! New suffering was caused. If we not act quickly especially the youngest generation of children who was born and raised in Germany will have to suffer.

In one case today, a young mother with four young children (1-5 years) was separated from her husband lying in the hospital. Her husband is in a verry bad condition after he was already in January 2010 alone deported to Kosovo. There he lived for several months as a homeless man on the street, before he managed to escape and return to Germany. But he not succeeded his family to see again. He was discovered in Bavaria and put back in detention. After his stay of several months in Kosovo, in deplorable conditions, he was now so ill that he had to be moved to a hospital, where he still fights for his life. In addition to severe tuberculosis and an eye disease he has to cope with the psychological consequences of his experiences. Intensive efforts to prevent the mothers’ deportation failed.

This is just one of known fate of deportation. In the plane were estimated up to 80 involuntary passengers. Many thousands will follow after the plans of the German government. Against the plans has indeed became formed a widespread resistance in the population and the Roma community, but this is not yet enough perceived by the public. Now is important that this resistance is also heard by the people and the politicians. It should be clear that these expulsions cannot be implemented without notice and without resistance. We need the attention of the press for the victims and the fight for their right to stay, so that all may be clear that it should not give these deportations.

Begani family from the district of Wolfenb├╝ttel was lucky. The deportation of the four adult children could be prevented by the decision of a court. The children can stay for the moment with their seriously ill father in Germany.



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