Friday, April 30, 2010


Tomorrow 1 May, there are MAY DAY MARCHES AND RALLIES FOR IMMIGRANTS' RIGHTS scheduled in major cities all over the United States.
In Seattle, the 10th Annual May Day March will begin at 12:30 from Judkins Playfield, 2021 So. Weller. A rally will be held there at noon.

As you have read often on this blog, immigrants and refugees all over the world are being exploited and discriminated against. The Romani people are examples of the scapegoating and attacks that befall "the other".

In the United States, we must all demand fair and just immigration policies, an end to racial profiling and the repel of the cruel and heartless law passed in Arizona.
Who are the "illegals" or "immigrants" in the Southwestern United States anyway.
The Anglos of course.


Casimire said...

It would be so wonderful if there was a Romani Autonomous Zone. Where people like those who were exposed to the lead mines in Kosovo, could (try) to heal themselves. Growing some healthy food. Building Vardos as a way of getting their souls back. A brutal genocide that is still going on today. But seldom if ever makes the news.

Morgan said...

Ah Casimire,
It seems that the only time we make any news in this country is if it reinforces stereotypes.

The museum is happening. Then well teach them.

Anonymous said...
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