Saturday, May 1, 2010


Wow, I thought that I'd heard it all concerning the Catholic Church, but wonders never cease.

Today I learned that the Vatican is launching an investigation in the United States. Well, it's obvious what I thought that would be about. But I was wrong.

The Vatican is launching an investigation, called an Apostolic Visitation, into three convents in the Pacific Northwestern United States.

The nuns at these convents have been accused of
feminism and
social and human rights activism.

Oh my. They have been engaged in such activities as
Women's Transitional Housing for victims of domestic violence, and
working to stop the trafficking of humans.

"Catholics come home" indeed.



Anonymous said...

Aren't human rights and equality supposed to be part of the mission of the Catholic Church? The utter hypocrisy of the politics of the church completely mystify me... not that it surprises me in the least, of course.

Casimire said...

The Inquisitition lives on, in the old days they would have tried them for Witchcraft. This is just watered down version!

Morgan said...

Thanks for your comments.
Mystified is the perfect word.
It seems to me that they ARE being tried for witchcraft.

They will still be tied with rocks and thrown into the water. If they drown they were innocent.


Veshengro said...

The Vatican at its best again. In the same way when it tried to stop so many of the Jesuits in Central America working for the poor. Liberation Theology it was called and outlawed by the Vatican. Arnulfo Romero died for the people, something the Pope did not like at all.

As to the Inquisition living; remember who the current Pope is... the former head of just that office, though it has a different name now.