Monday, April 26, 2010


Our good news is that the caravan for the new museum project is wonderful and people are being very supportive. We are trying to get a grant and also pursue other fund raising. If anyone is interested in contributing to the museum fund or has any fund raising ideas please email, or leave a comment.

But there is so much sad news.
The new law passed in Arizona, USA should make us all cringe. It is easy to worry about and criticize Europe while avoiding what goes on here.
This law is an assault on all people of color and a cry out to those who are supportive of the concept of human rights.

Western European Countries, including, but not exclusively, Germany, are deporting refugees from Kosovo back to Kosovo, even though there are no plans for their arrival, and the horror of the lead mine continues.

Below is a correspondence between the United Kingdom Association of Gypsy Women based in England, and Paul Polansky, an ally and unfailing supporter of the Romani in Kosovo. It is about the deterioration of Ergin, a child suffering from lead poisoning. See more information about Ergin on an earlier post.

"I have copied Lord Avebury and ccd in High Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg, Lucy Glyn Baroness Kinnocks Desk Assistant for Kosovo and Fiona Hall MEP so they may read your very sad message below and also in the hope that they can help bring about a solution. I am hard pushed to imagine the utter distress and heartbreak of having to watch your two little children die simply because you have no access to proper medical care that would save their life and worse still, there are people from the international community who have the power to help this unfortunate family but make no attempt to do so.

If the children are not taken out of the camp to a place abroad where they can receive proper medical attention then this family could very soon be facing a double tragedy.

Take care.

Kind regards

Rachel Francis-Ingham


Hi Rachel,

I am in touch most days with Ergin's family by phone. His mother is getting desperate about his condition and his brother's. Because of the lead poisoning they are also getting very aggressive despite their poor health and she is having great problems handling them. Can you think of any way we can get the whole family abroad for medical treatment? We just cannot get the UN or the Kosovo government to save these kids.

I saved one entire family from the camps by getting them to Germany sponsored by the country's biggest newspaper. But cant find a solution for this family. They are the most in need in the camp.

I really appreciate all you have done for us. Look forward to seeing you in England.

Best regards,



Casimire 7 said...

I just want to think about the good news for a minute! Casimire

Morgan said...

Oh Casimire, there is good news on this front at least. We are planning fundraisers etc here on tiny Vashon Island and people are already coming forward with ideas and in some cases, money.
The Romani Museum WILL become a reality.
We will be the first Romani museum in North America. Ian Hancock has put together an archives is Austin Texas, which is very good, but we will be the first museum in North America.
This is indeed good news, eh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you!!!I can send some books I have on Romani subjects if you like. I am looking for a flat bed trailer so I can build a Vardo. Any ideas put forth before the universe gladly accepted!

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to have a bit of land for some of those refugees. To heal themselves to get a fresh start. I think about an Autonomous zone a Church for lack of a better term. Live like the old days and forget your name is on computers. And take a few tourists to the cleaners while I'm at it!