Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lolo Diklo : Romani Against Racism is launching its new project
The Romani Education Center and Traveling Museum Project.

We're hoping someone will donate a trailer to us. If anyone has any ideas or leads please leave a comment or email


Casimire said...

What are you looking for, how big a caravan are you thinking about? Are you looking for an air stream? How long? Or are you thinking a Vardo, or both? Could build Vardo on a car trailer. I saw a nice little air stream behind an auto body place up the street. I'll ask them about it.

Casimire Williamsii said...

That school of Wood working I told you about. They have Vardo building class. Get to know them a little bit, you never know who you'll meet or what will happen my darling!

Morgan said...

ah cashimere what a good one you are. we're thinking of beginning with whatever we can get. but the view is towards expansion. we're hoping to build a varda and add more trailers to land someone will 'give' us. who knows. someone might.
meanwhile, we're trying to start the museum with whatever we can and expand from there.
any advice or help you can give is GREATLY appreciated.
you really are a good one.

Casimire said...

I have this vision of a a piece of land. could declair it a Romani Encampment/Automonus Area, a scared place (a church for lack of a better term) and education center. People could come for retreats. Have seminars and lectures. Collect stories from Romani Elders before their gone. Preserve culture and language. Darn my spelling, but you get idea!