Sunday, July 13, 2008


The following is from a newspaper item placed by American Apparel:
2 July 2008

"....Over 12 million human beings have become integral to our society, economy and culture here in the USA, yet they do so in legal purgatory. While no serious political voice calls to send them back to their previous home countries, very few have the courage to admit that the only realistic option is some form of legal integration, coupled with a legitimate, forward-thinking immigration policy.

Migration and economic experts generally agree that the productivity and hard work of immigrants improves the economy and makes goods more affordable and available to US workers. Immigrants not only increase the wealth of the nation, they have contributed significantly to major scientific, medical and industrial advancements, as well as to the arts....

...At what point are we going to recognize that the status quo amounts to an apartheid system? At what point will America stop living in a state of denial?

At American Apparel we support our workers. We support our community. We support Los Angeles....

...Enough is enough. It is time to Legalize LA, and Legalize the USA."

This is a pretty powerful statement from a US corporation.

American Apparel has a history of treating their workers pretty well. Pay starts at double minimum wage.
It's ashame that the CEO, Dov Charney has a history of sexual harassment of female employees, including three law suits, two of which were settled out of court and one pending.

And he doesn't see the contradiction.

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