Thursday, July 24, 2008


I just finished reading Naomi Klein's book THE SHOCK DOCTRINE. THE RISE OF DISASTER CAPITALISM and I recommend it to all.

Through impeccable research Klein explores the motivations and tactics behind America's foreign policy, from the overthrow of Salvador Allende to the occupation of Iraq.

I was especially impressed with Klein's chapter on the CIA mind control experiments on mental patients (prisoners) of the 1950's and the present day torture of prisoners. The techniques are the same, an attempt to completely breakdown a personality and then recreate it as desired.
She goes further explaining how the same strategy of shock, destroy and rebuild can be used against an entire people/economic/political system.

Naomi Klein convincingly equates the policies of the CIA and shock Doctor Ewen Cameron with the economic policies of Milton Friedman.

If possible, read this book.

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