Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last month Ruth Greenglass died. Greenglass, together with her husband, testified against Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in their 1950's espionage case.
It has long been believed that the Greenglasses, after confessing to their own involvement in a scheme to smuggle atomic secrets to the Soviets, lied under oath to save their own skins. And they succeeded. While both Ethel and Julius were executed, David Greenglass served only 10 years in prison and Ruth was never charged.

Yesterday a judge ruled that much of the 'secret' testimonies in the Rosenberg case would finally be released. One of the few exceptions is the testimony of David Greenglass who is 86 years old.

In a media interview, Greenglass said that he made up the account about the typewriter (this testimony was considered vital to the conviction of Ethel Rosenberg) to protect his wife and that she may have improvised the tale to appease prosecutors.

I hope they release the secret testimony of Ruth Greenglass. Remember, she's dead.

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