Friday, July 25, 2008


After reading THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, I found my copy of THE SEARCH FOR THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, the first book I read about the infamous CIA mind control experiments. These experiments were done primarily on mental "patients" but also on unknowing agents themselves. Very interesting reading. And totally relevant today.

Power and control........
Doesn't it all come back down to that ?

Interestingly, settled Sinti in Italy are also being subjected to the racist census, despite rationalizations by the government that these measures are meant only to identify "illegal immigrants". (how I hate that term). Sinti are a tribe of Roma who are found mostly in Germany and Italy. My mother's family was Sinti. 2/3rd's of the Sinti in Europe were murdered by Nazis and sympathizers.
Most of the Sinti remaining in Italy have survived there for generations and many are 'settled', meaning living in one place.

Yet the "census" goes on.

I am especially appalled at the corroboration of the Italian Red Cross in this "census" of Roma. So far reports are varying on the behavior and process of the Red Cross in the camps.
We'll see....

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