Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here's the link to a very good article from

It talks about the use of the term "Gypsy" moths and its relation to the situation

of Roma (Gypsies) in the world today.

I cringe each time I hear Gypsy moth

Gypsy cab

Gyppo logger.

On and on.... It is any wonder we prefer to be called Roma ?  


Anonymous said...

Morgan, consider writing more. The way ideology works as I understand it is via a continuous flow of images that links a core idea--here, about a group--with a range of negative traits devalued by the dominant culture (usually aspects of its own practices or fears that are denied and projected onto the hated/feared other. The absurdity of the projections is revealed in the total contradictions they entail: e.g. with the Jews: blamed for both predatory capitalism and for Communism, etc. I would be curious to know the most sustained analysis of anti-Gypsy ideology, especially in its present forms. Rob

Morgan said...

Thanks Rob. I also wish that you wrote more. I love when I fall upon an article you've written.