Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I had so much I wanted to write about today, but I was rendered speechless after receiving an e-mail from the daughter of Dina Babbitt, who is 86 years old, a Holocaust survivor and recovering from cancer surgery. I hope you are familiar with the trials of Ms. Babbitt. (Please see articles and references on this blog)

Her daughter thanks us for supporting her mother, when in reality, it is us, the Rromani community, and survivors of the Holocaust, Porraimos in the Romani language, who thank her for her unwavering support for the Roma. It is easy to support people when there is little risk. Ms Babbitt supported us in Auschwitz under the very eyes of Joseph Mengele.

I have no words to express my respect and thanks to Ms Babbitt.

Please let's all do what we can to return her portraits of the Roma in Auschwitz to her.



Karin Babbitt said...

My mother raised us to honor the memory of the Roma people. She told us of Celine, the "French Gypsy Woman" who was so beautiful, who had just lost her two-month-old baby because the SS starved her until she had no milk. My mother was forced to paint her by Doctor Mengele, under threat of death. Celine had a blue scarf on her head, which my mother lovingly began to paint. The doctor forced it behind Celine's ear to prove the "racial differences of the ear and hairline." My mother and Celine shared songs together, because they couldn't speak each other's language...and yet, they understood exactly what was being sung. They connected, learning the songs, sharing scraps of bread and deep sadness. And Dina painted, and Celine sat gazing -- and then, one day, months later...she was killed.
My mother would like to hold Celine's angelic face in her hands, lovingly,to thank her before she dies too...to be finally free.
All of our love and respect -- Karin Babbitt (daughter)

Morgan said...

Karin Babbitt, I am honored that you visit our blog. We are working on the return of Ms. Babbitt's watercolors.
How we admire her.