Sunday, June 13, 2010


The other day someone suggested I check out and their postings under Gypsy.
What I found was entry after entry of ignorant, racist diatribes against Gypsies, who are in reality, the Romani people.
Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to publish it on
It should appear on this page in the next few days:
Urban Dictionary


The Romani people, commonly called Gypsies are an ethnic group of people originally from India.
They have faced persecution discrimination and genocidal policies since entering Europe in the early 1100's or so.
They have been denied their traditional means of livelihood and then are condemned for surviving.
Even today they are subjected to pograms across Eastern Europe and forced deportations from Western Europe.

I am appalled by the virulent racism evidenced on this site.
It's interesting that the site rejects inside jokes yet allows this murderous slander of an entire group of people.
I am appalled and outraged by the virulent racism shown in most of these submissions.


Casimire said...

Morgan, That is really ugly. I have the term Piker tattoed on my arm in defiance. My family is from Liverpool, and in English socieity that makes us double bad.

Casimire said...

This Urban Dictionary is not even worthy of consideration. It seems that all entries for Gypsy were written by the same person. This just seems to be a vehicle for peoples hate. Hate is a useless emotion in my thinking! This whole internet thing is a mixed bag if there ever was one! But Urban Dictionary...garbage in and garbage out!

Morgan said...

Yes indeed my friend. The part that really amused me was that the editors would not allow
"inside jokes" but blatant racism is okay.