Wednesday, June 9, 2010


With so much going on in this world today, combating antiGypsy sentiment everywhere, from libelous shows like Criminal Minds to bulldozing of camps in Italy, it's easy to forget the ongoing genocide in Kosovo.

The following is a letter from Rachel of the United Kingdom Gypsy Women's Association.

"Here is a poem written and read at the Roma Sinte Holocaust exhibition in London yesterday by Paul Polansky, even though I have written and fought with the same words as Paul read out, listening to it made me feel physically sick as it was and is reminicent of the expulsions from Germany as holocaust began.

If we do not fight against this outrage that is the toxic waste camps in Kosovo with all our might now then, how are we to know that similar fates and final solutions are not in place across the world for our people, our children because, to my sense of logic, this is a testing of what could well be the final solution to what is often termed the 'Gypsy problem'.

The UN and european governments have had 10 years to test the mood of the wider european and international community, and now it has shown not one iota's worth of concern, pre 90s the wider community would have cried shame and it would not have been allowed to happen, it was very rare we were ever in the news but, we have had relentless negative media reporting, people have believed the reports and are now are in no mood to protest they have been brainwashed and like sheep they follow and condone.

Whether our people live in houses or trailers it is no use denying who they are because, they are marked as sure as if they are wearing the 'brown star' that Hitler fashioned for us, we have to stand up we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Churchill said 'Create a net that none will fall beneath but one that everyone will be able to rise above. All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy and hope'.

I think the greatest of these words is 'Hope' because hope is what we wake up with everyday of our lives, without hope everyone in the world would be lost we would have nothing. My hope is that god will give us all the strength to go on fighting for our people's rights because, we do have the right to live a peaceful and happy life and to bring our children up in a safe environment.

The emphasis is on the 'right to life' and the international community and the european governments are denying the Roma people's on the toxic waste camps in Kosovo this basic fundamental right. The people in Kosovo are our people who have no hope and but for the grace of god could be us. Paul Polansky said the people in the camps are hopeful of getting out of the camps to live a better life, we have to fight to ensure their hopes are realised."

Poem by Paul Polansky 8th June 2010

In the 21st century has the German government invested
½ million Euros in a Gypsy camp built on toxic wasteland
Where everyone is being poisoned?

In the 21st century has the German government deported from Deutschland Kosovo Gypsies who end up in this camp where every child is born with irreversible brain damage…? If they live.

in the 21st century has the German government and their implementing partner the United Nations ignored pleas---yes, pleas for ten years---from the World Health Organization to immediately evacuate and medically treat the children and the pregnant women
The most vulnerable who have the highest lead levels in medical literature?

In the 21st century has the German government become involved in a camp where almost 90 Gypsies have died where the lead poisoning has caused hundreds of miscarriages?

in the 21st century has the German government ignored the pleas--- yes, the pleas----of the European Council’s Commissioner for Human Rights begging Germany and only Germany not to deport anymore Gypsies back to Kosovo where they might end up in this lead-poisoned camp?

In the 21st century has the German government turned a blind eye?
To the documentary films made about this deadly camp by the BBC,
Norwegian TV, French TV, Australian TV and even German TV?

In the 21st century is the German government---this time an elected
And supposedly democratic government---targeting Gypsies
Threatening Gypsies transporting Gypsies once again in large numbers against their will to a camp that more than 100 media outlets world-wide have called a death camp?



Casimire said...

Why? I think because an easy target. Must become more vocal like the American Indian Movement! To bad we cant claim a good clump of land and start our own country

Casimire said...

We could call it

Morgan said...

I like the name but I think the reason we have remained a nonviolent people who have never waged a war is because we don't have a homeland or a country.
Once you have it you must defend it. Thus the birth of nationalism and patriotism and all that other ballderash.

Bryce Horvath said...

Kosovo is Kosovo not Kosova. I believe a big part of this problem is the NATO invasion and the puppet government that is being propped up there. Its really a problem of invisibilily too. I wrote a paper for a college class on how media can make something sounds like human rights, free Kosovo. When it is the opposite. Serbians have been slandered as monsters Rroma forgotten. I think that the racist attacks against the Rroma are supressed because they would mess up the Kosovo story sold to us during the Clinton administration of good guys and bad guys