Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is a message I received the other day. We are so thankful to people who pass on this type of information.
I have written to Criminal Minds. Won't hold my breath.

Hello.... I received your card at the Romani Against Racism discussion at UofO in Eugene.

I am writing to report a horrific display of prejudice and slander against the Romani peoples.
Please investigate the show Criminal Minds. They did an episode about Romani - kidnapping children, brainwashing them, and turning them into killers. Generation after generation. I got sick to my stomach. They even used the term Romani (which I hadn't readily heard before your lecture).

They owe a public apology after such a disgraceful display of malicious ignorance.


Casimire said...

Ah, What trhe hell?

Casimire said...

This can't stand, what are we going to do about this?

Morgan said...

Well, I contacted the network and the show.
There used to be a Romani media watch group based in Austin Tx., but they're not still in operation.

I think everyone should let Criminal Minds know that the show was offensive. The easiest way to do that is online.

Thanks Casimire,

Casimire said...

I talked to Ron Lee via facebook and he said the show first aired a year ago, and that he tried to contact network with no response. Our only response is to get transcript of program (on line) and carefully argue points made in episode! It has gone syndication, so no way will it get pulled off the air. Make it an opprtune chance for education, make it part of museum.

Casimire said...

It could be a excellent exhibit...
There are posters from 1890's Germany depecting Gypsies stealing babies. This episode of Criminal Minds is merely an extenmsion of this mind set. In Europe that is how they scare naughty Children, "We're going to sell you to the Gypsies". Use this show as ammo!!!
Like the Buddhist Sutra states, turn poison into medicine!!!

Morgan said...

Casimire, if you can figure out how to get a transcript let me know. I've been to their site several times and have contacted them. I couldn't find it as a current show, so it must be an older one in syndication. There are hundreds of episodes to go through.
Any got an few extra minutes?

Anonymous said...

I watched the show. In it they stated something along the lines that the Killers were portraying a tradition in a distorted manner. Bride Kidnapping is something that happened quite some time ago, not necessarily only those, but of various cultures.