Monday, February 15, 2010


Today is the birthday of Susan B. Anthony. Born in 1820, she died in 1906 before women in the United States received the right to vote.
She spent her entire career working for the rights of women. She travelled the country doing talks. These journeys were very difficult and tiring.

When Susan needed to rest she would visit Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her children for rest and revitalization. Though she loved Elizabeth's children she would often chastise Elizabeth that if she'd stop having children they would have won the vote years ago.

To relax when at Elizabeth's, Susan would travel to weddings taking place in the area and sit quietly until the question:
"Does anyone here have any reasons why these two should not be united?", and Susan would jump up and talk about what a marriage contract really meant for the woman, things like not only no right to own property, but actually becoming the husband's property.


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