Friday, February 19, 2010


On 19 February 1942 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,signed Executive Order 9066 which authorized the military to relocate and intern U.S. residents of Japanese ancestry, including native-born Americans

In many cases, the internees were given only 48 hrs notice of the evacuations and lost most of their property, including homes and businesses.

How can this be justified? I know apologies have been spoken and "reparations" made but who thinks this could not happen again. Who are the terrorists now ?


Casimire said...

Well do you really want me to answer that question? I saw the movie JFK with Kevin Costner and they were saying; "Facism is alive and well in this country! I thought at the time... that the statement was a little over the top. But now more and more we're headed in that direction.

Casimire said...

I mean, look at Congress. They have the best health care plan in the country, they work for us! But they deny us what they get as a perk! We Roma are not recognised as an Ethnic group, I'm going to pencil it in on Census. We are not Citizens or even a work force. We are just consumers. Racism obsolete as we are all in the same boat now...screwed! Casimire