Friday, February 19, 2010


As stated in many previous posts, the situation of the Roma of Kosovo is desperate.
Not only are conditions in Kosovo (life on a pile of lead)deadly, but the countries of Western Europe are repatriating or planning to repatriate, Roma refugees from Kosovo. Several hundred have already been returned.

We've recently been lobbying Hilary Clinton to make a statement in support of the Roma of Kosovo. We have been hopeful because of supportive statements she made recently concerning the Roma/Sinti of Europe.

On 17 February 2010, Clinton made a statement in honor of the anniversary of the independence of Kosovo.

Dare I say we've been let down again.

There is a quote I paraphrase:
The screams of your enemies are not as deadly as the silence of your friends.

And the beat goes on.


Independence Day

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC

February 17, 2010

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of the Republic of Kosovo as they celebrate their second anniversary of independence on February 17. This is an occasion to celebrate Kosovo’s development as an open, unitary, and pluralistic republic and its commitment to deliver on the promise of democracy for all of its people. Kosovo’s progress in these two years demonstrates its dedication to responsible membership in the community of nations and to stability in the Balkan region. ‪

I commend the Government of Kosovo for its continued efforts to build a secure and prosperous future for all of Kosovo’s citizens. The United States remains a steadfast partner of the people and Government of Kosovo, committed to strengthening Kosovo’s institutions and further developing a fully functioning, democratic, and multiethnic state able to achieve its Euro-Atlantic aspirations. ‪

Hilary, who are the Romani again ?
And let us not forget the role of Bill and Hilary Clinton in the war in Kosovo which has had a profound impact all the Roma.

On March 3rd, Romani women and allies are going to distribute fliers outside the Swedish Parliament to protest the proposed deportation of 300 Roma back to Kosovo.
We are seeking allies in New York to hand out fliers (will be provided) outside the United Nations in New York on March 3rd.

Please contact
for more information


Casimire said...

I think good ol Hilary is just towing the party line and doing what she's told. Casimire

brycetphillips said...

Its crazy how easily crimes can be justified if people don't know history. Kosovo was majority Serbian with a large Rroma minority before WW1 but Serbs and Rroma were massacured by the Austrians Germans and Albanian militias who stole the houses of the people that lived there. Same thing in WW2 and In the 90s. If people knew they wouldn't have bought into the Clinton war. So now they have a vote and suprise suprise most of the people in Kosovo want "independence". Soemtimes there is nothing more undemocratic than democracy

Morgan said...

Bryce, how good to hear from you. I think of you quite often.
Trying to work out a trip with the museum over to West Seattle for a day of music and fun. I'll keep you posted.
Now, I couldn't agree with you more. It's funny about war. If people knew the truth..... there probably would be many fewer wars. Would we be in Iraq?
Hilary has mentioned the plight of the Romani in Europe more than any other Secretary of State. Though I admit that, I do wonder if it's a guilty conscience.
Please take care young brother