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February 1, 2010 at 2:32am

Paul Polansky sounded weary and sad he has just returned from a week in the camps, he told me nine-year-old Ergin who is suffering kidney failure was taken off his special diet last September by KAAD, the camp administrator appointed by the Kosovo government
Because, they cannot afford the cost of 7 Euros a day. His seven year old brother, who shares Ergin’s special diet, is in an even worse condition. Although Ergin has been hospitalised six or seven times during the past year, he will not survive without his special diet. Neither will his brother. So theirs will probably be the next two deaths in camp Osterode. Paul said, we have already lost an entire generation of Romani children to irreversible brain damage’, his contention is that it is doubtful, that they will be able to father another generation and we cannot but agree.

The goodwill ambassador for the UN Angelina Jolie visited the camps in December 2002. Photos of her standing in front of the destroyed Roma community of South Mitrovica documented her visit. She donated money for Sewage System at Osterode, thus contributing to keeping the Roma on the source of poisoning.

Paul is writing a new book on the camps, and is publishing Anti-Hero awards to those who have contributed to the plight of the Roma in these death camps. AJ is to be a recipient.

Our question is the same as Paul’s. Angelina Jolie visited the Roma refugee camps in Kosovo in December 2002 as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, how could she not see the 100 million tons of toxic slag heaps hovering over the camps? How could she stand across from the ruins of their old neighborhood and not ask what happened to these people? Why are their homes in ruin? Why can’t they go back? What is the UN doing to help them; she already knew the answer to that question.

Why did the Goodwill Ambassador at least not question the UN and ask the reason all food aid to the camps had stopped, forcing the families to find their only meals in the city garbage containers? And why did she donate money to the UN to build a sewage system and Turkish toilets to keep the refugees on Toxic wasteland. AJ saw with her own eyes, she will have had UN interpreters which allowed her to speak directly to the people, of that there is no doubt, therefore, she will have heard about the mothers self-aborting not wanting anymore children with irreversible brain damage.

Moreover, what of the children surly to god, she must have at least noticed that the children were not acting normally; they carry the highest levels of poison in their blood ever recorded in history as revealed in November 2000. The woman professes to love and mother children indeed, she is travelling world adopting little motherless orphans. It defies belief then that this person’s conscience was easily soothed and eased by making a donation to the UN which, ensured their stay on the toxic wasteland would not be a short one.

If UKAGW were giving out hero awards, a celebrity who ranks alongside the actor Corin Redgrave, who spoke up for the Dale Farm Travelling Community in Essex and was also active in their campaign to halt the threat of eviction, would have to be Madonna, truly deserves an award for bravery for speaking out against the treatment and racial discrimination of the Roma people in Romania in 2009, she did not wait until she had left the country to do so, she spoke out during her tour, she would probably already have anticipated the response of her fans (and probably been advised against it) which was to boo her, but, her compassion for her fellow man could not be suppressed. Therefore, Madonna would receive our award, for being a true Ambassador for Human Rights.

Rachel Francis

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