Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On March 28, 1941, Virginia Woolf committed suicide by drowning.

She walked into the River Ouse the day before with the same intention, but she floated and couldn't sink.

She returned the next day with her pockets full of rocks. This time she went under and drowned.

It's very interesting that both her husband Leonard, and her sister, Vanessa were at the home on SUICIDE WATCH OVER VIRGINIA both days. But neither noticed her return home on March 27th soaking wet.

I've never trusted Leonard, who was both a control freak and very jealous of Virginia's literary success. Both were writers.

He's the one who promoted the theory that Virginia was mentally ill, because she was unhappy. He successfully got her a psychiatric diagnosis and her life was never the same.

Part of her treatment dictated that she not be allowed to write.

And so it goes.

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