Sunday, March 25, 2012


The news today is much better. It's seems that all things internet are under control and 'back to normal', whatever that is, eh.

This has certainly taught me a lesson in internet vulnerability.

And to all my contacts, I am not lying in a heap behind an embassy in London.
Actually, I'm warm in Seattle.

PS. The best news of this whole fiasco is that so many people were willing to do their best to help me. I really do appreciate that.
Later tootszinas,
Morgan in Seattle WA, safe and warm.


Sarah AB said...

Morgan - I've noted the various problems which Roma advocacy sites have been facing on the post I link to above.

Morgan said...

Thanks Sarah. I've noticed the same thing.
I know of several sites that were hacked.
Sometimes I forget how things really are and let my guard down.