Sunday, March 11, 2012



NGOs Romani CRISS and the Center for the Monitoring and Combat of Anti-Semitism in Romania on Wednesday filed a criminal complaint against Social-Democratic Senator Dan Sova over his assertions about the Holocaust.

In the complaint filed with the Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the two NGOs accuse the Senator of violating Article 6 of the Government's Urgency Ordinance No. 31/2002 prohibiting the denial of the Holocaust, which is punishable by prison terms between 6 months and 5 years and the prohibition of certain rights.

According to a Romani CRISS and MCA Romania release to Agerpres, on March 5, at the TV show ‘People and People' broadcast by The Money Channel, Senator Sova made the following statements: 'no Jew stood to suffer in Romania, and Antonescu should be credited with that,' '24 Jews died in the Iasi Pogrom,' 'the German army is responsible for the events in Iasi.'

'Mr. Dan Sova ignored the historical facts and the conclusions of the International Commission on the investigation of the Holocaust in Romania according to which between 280,000 and 380,000 Romanian and Ukrainian Jews were killed or died in the respective period because of the Transnistria system of extermination. 155,000 Romanian Jews and about 115,000 Jew locals, Ukrainian citizens from Transnistria, were exterminated. Thus, the number of Jews exterminated under the Antonescu government totals 270,000 souls. In Romania, Holocaust victims also include 36,000 Roma, of whom around 6,000 children, who were deported to Transnistria between 1942 - 1944,' reads the release.

Romani CRISS and MCA Romania consider that the 'negationist statements of Senator Sova were explicit and his public apology must reflect regret and admission to the error made in his public statement, not the regret of being possibly misinterpreted or misunderstood.'

On his personal blog, Senator Sova wrote: 'I regret if my statements on The Money Channel were misunderstood' and 'I deeply regret if what I said at the aforementioned TV station was interpreted in the sense that I might be denying, even for one second, the suffering of the Jewish people and the guilt of the Romanian authorities at that time.'

PSD chairman Victor Ponta announced on Wednesday that for the time being Senator Dan Sova is no longer the party's spokesman and that he would be sent to Washington to document on the Holocaust.
This article seems especially relevant after seeing ROMA TEARS last week, the film by Luminata Cioaba. Please see previous entries for information about this film.


Anonymous said...

Search for "History of Romania part 15 - Holocaust" on youtube to see the lies of the anti-Romanian propaganda exposed.

Morgan said...

more racist bullshit.