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Dear all,

Please support the Bulgarian-Roma singer Sofi Marinova, who will represent Bulgaria in Baku, on the Eurovision song contest 2012 with her song "Love Unlimited"! Vote for Sofi, vote for Bulgaria on 24th of May,2012!

More about Sofi:
Sofi Marinova is one of the most famous Bulgarian singers. Her unusual music style consists of Bulgarian pop-folk and ethno music mixed with her considerable vocal capabilities, makes Sofi often compared with Bulgaria’s most highly regarded singer in last few decades – Lili Ivanova. Marinova is supported by one of the most influential gypsy singers and humanitarians in Europe – Esma Redzepova.

The Bulgaria entry „Love Unlimited” features Sofi Marinova singing „I love you” in eleven different languages – Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Romani, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish. It should be noted that this will be the first song ever to feature the language of the 2012 host Azerbaijan in the history of the contest.
After she was announced as the winner of the National Final, Sofi burst into tears and expressed her honest gratefulness for the support of the Bulgarian people. Her entry „Love Unlimited”, which was already a hit in the nation before the final, clearly won the televote and received almost double the amount of votes than the second placed entry received.

Love Unlimited (lyrics):

The song has no limit, language or color
it does not know poor man or rich.
Everybody sings all over the world,
all of them are singing about love
Love has no limit language and color
it is one and the same for everyone in this world,
for you, for me, for them.

Seviyorum seni, Sagapao poli
Yo te quiero a ti, Volim te mon cheri
I love you, I love only you,I am saying I love you
But dehaftu mange, Voglio bene a te
Men seni sevirem, Yahabibi jé táime
I love you, I love only you,There are no limits for us.

The pain has no limit, language and color
it does not know poor man or rich.
The same tears fall down when our life hurts us.
Love has no limit, language and color
it is one and the same for everyone in this world
for you, for me, for them.I love you so much!

Facebook page for support of the Romani singer Sofi Marinova: http://www.facebook.com/sofieurovision

To hear Sofi and a clip of Esma visit the following sites.




And be still my heart there is still no one like the Queen, Esma.


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