Sunday, July 31, 2011


The date for eviction looms heavy.

Dale Farm family homes are liable to bulldozing from midnight on 31st August. Dale Farm residents are devastated. Meantime, Saturday activity days at Dale Farm are growing in strength each week. Supporters from across the UK are visiting Dale Farm each Saturday, spending time with residents, taking part in legal observer training sessions, helping with practical logistics for the site, meeting with experts from Essex University Human Rights Clinic, and joining a growing network of committed solidarity workers preparing for resistance through civil disobedience.

There’s a huge amount of work to be done, but each week brings new faces, ingenuity, thoughtfulness, energy, and hope.
        Sign up to join ‘Camp Constant’, opening 27th August

To sign up to a text alert in case of eviction, or to spend a night at Dale Farm so that we can have a constant presence there, visit 

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The march will then proceed to Dale Farm and Camp Constant, a base at Dale Farm for human rights monitors and those who will engage in civil disobedience to stop the bulldozing.

Buses will also be available.

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Sign and send a letter to Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State for Justice expressing your concern that the Legal Aid Bill as currently formulated which will disproportionately impact on Travellers and Gypsies.

This Bill threatens to remove Gypsies and Travellers access to legal support, and as a consequence seriously undermines the protection under the law of their rights. Here’s a letter written by members of the Essex Human Rights Clinic, which can be printed out and signed; just add your name and address, and put it in the post, or you can email a copy to:

You can also sign the petition here:

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