Monday, July 11, 2011



        Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia

All racists will meet their Waterloo , and I believe that in this case the mentioned saying is very fitting. Especially in the case of Berlusconi, -just like all his fascist predecessors throughout the mid 20th century- , he has finally met his own Waterloo . Milan and Naples have turned their back on him, despite his monumental efforts to discredit his opponents. The Italians living in those two very important cities have condemned his racist and xenophobic politics as well as the immoral and cocky style he has sported in recent years.

Berlusconi lost Milan , whilst he was visiting Romania , in order to meet with president Traian Basescu. What an irony, Silvio Berlusconi has lost Milan, his home town as well as the industrial and financial capital of Italy, whilst visiting the home country of many of the Gypsies he has so violently oppressed and deported for having committed the crime of our times: Being illegal. They are illegal, because driven by hunger, misery and prosecution they came to Milan in the hope of getting a break from their journey, and leading a better life.
Milan, governed by Berlusconi's right-wing party, did not let itself be misled and did not believe that the centre-left candidate for the mayor's office, Giuliano Pisapia, was going to hand his city over to Muslims and Gypsies.Just like in Naples where the centre-right candidate had lost to the centre-left candidate Luigi de Magistris.

Italy’s right-wing democracy has voted against Berlusconi.

This conclusion is easily reached, and should get to those who use demagogy to monger the population's fears. Racist policies, especially in times of crisis, can be very worthwhile for extreme right-wing parties, but also for those parties, which are still being unmistakably democratic it can be tempting to fish in troubled waters.In Spain we know about that, and the last local elections, have proven it.Like Santiago Rusiñol said: "to deceive men one by one is a lot harder than deceiving them by the thousands". Deceiving the masses is an immoral technique, which many politicians have used in order to achieve illegitimate victories. After all, many dictators also reached power thanks to the vote of their fellow citizens.

But in the end reason will reign.The Milanese and Neapolitans have supported Berlusconi and his candidates for many years, but now they have said no. It has always been very difficult for the centre-left to succeed in Milan or Naples , but this time around it was different. The majority of Italians, who normally would have voted for the right-wing parties, have said “enough”. They did not believe that the opposition came along with the racist scarecrow of seeing their town being turned into the “Gypsy-Ville” Berlusconi had threaded the Milanese with so many times.

It is like a famous man said:“From time to time you can deceive the world, and some people even forever, but you could never deceive the entire world forever.”
Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia

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