Tuesday, July 19, 2011


See: http://dalefarm.wordpress.com/

* SATURDAY, 16th July: Meeting and activity workshops at Dale Farm
Starts 11am. http://dalefarm.wordpress.com/activity/
Dale Farm Solidarity meeting, construction/resistance workshops, and
time with Dale Farm residents.

* SUNDAY, 17th July: Dale Farm discussion at Squattastic
Starts at 2pm. http://squattastic.blogspot.com/
at ‘Well Furnished’ Valentine Road/Well St. Hackney E9

* CAMP CONSTANT, from 27th August:
Mass gathering of national and international supporters of the Dale
Farm community will begin Saturday, August 27th.
* You can sign up to our email bulletins here:

Weekend of 27th – 29th August, will be a weekend of Traveller history
& celebration, practical eviction resistance training,
training for legal observers and human rights monitors, and an opening
party on Saturday night.
Sleeping space is available in caravans or you can bring a tent.

From midnight August 31st: an eviction could happen at any time and we
might not know when.
We’ll need people to be on standby to come up to Dale Farm in the
event of an eviction.
We also need people to spend the night at Dale Farm to provide around
the clock support to the community and resistance to the eviction.
We are looking for groups and individuals to pledge to stay overnight.
See: http://dalefarm.wordpress.com/hrm/ for details.

3 upcoming events and announcements http://dalefarm.wordpress.com

1) Thursday, July 21, 10:35 pm: The Big Gypsy Eviction - BBC1 documentary on Dale Farm


It probably won't be terribly sympathetic, but ask your friends to watch and post it through social media!

2) SATURDAY, 23rd July: Meeting and activity day at Dale Farm (5 weeks until Camp Constant)

Starts 11am, meeting at 1pm. Legal Observer training, tree climbing skill share, site building

3) Consultation on Traveller sites policy

The governments new 'planning for Traveller sites' policy is out for consultation until the beginning of August. The decision to take a
‘hands-off’ approach to site provision on the grounds that Local Authorities are ‘best placed to know the needs of their communities’ is a very worrying

development, given that many Local Authorities treat Gypsies and Travellers as problems to be got rid of, rather than as members of the community. It
also gives councils tougher enforcement powers which will make Dale Farm style evictions of Gypsies and Travellers easier.

You can find details of the policy consultation here:


The more responses they get saying that it's a dangerous backwards step the better. There is a long questionnaire but you can also just send letters or emails expressing concern.

Here is a response as an example: http://t.co/jk52LT2

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