Monday, May 16, 2011



Television Series

A Romedia Foundation © Production
I encourage everyone to visit mundi romani.  There are many wonderful videos of the tv program.
These are the same people who made I AM ROMA WOMAN-----Morgan


There are at least 12 million Roma scattered throughout the world.

Despite being Europe’s largest minority, the Roma have been voiceless for centuries.

As a people and as a culture, the Roma have been and continue to be misrepresented, mythologized, stereotyped, scapegoated and persecuted.

With thorough investigation and through admiration for the untold stories, Mundi Romani, a documentary series co-produced by Duna Television Hungary and the Romedia Foundation, explores the amazing world of the Roma from Kosovo to Spain through Romania, France, Macedonia or Israel.

There is an incredibly rich culture we never got to know, a whole world of traditions and values, another viewpoint from which we are not used to see our world, its troubles as well as its beauty. Because throughout time and throughout the world, the Roma have never been heard.

Roma film maker Katalin Barsony travels the world to give a voice to the voiceless through a vision and celebration of a people who have always been misunderstood and kept out of the public eye. With the determined refusal of being defined by the fear and suspiscion of others, she takes us on a colorful and always surprising journey around the world as it looks like through the eyes of the Roma.

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