Monday, May 30, 2011



Coming later this year to Bio™, a new 8-part series following the lives of Gypsies and Travellers over the summer of 2011. A Gypsy Life For Me will follow key characters and events from the travelling community with exclusive access to some of the most colourful and entertaining aspects of Gypsy life.

Bio™ has got together with the traveller community to find out how they would like to celebrate their way of life, giving them the opportunity to tell their stories. We will be spending the next few months meeting a whole host of colourful Traveller and Gypsy characters and finding out how they cope with the prejudices and stereotypes many of them face through their everyday life.

We have been given unprecedented access to Travellers Got Talent, the community’s annual talent contest. Jake Bowers, a Romany journalist and the contest’s promoter, hopes this will overcome negative stereotypes to reveal a nation that has survived for a thousand years. He says,

“By throwing open the doors…we will be revealing the tales and talents of those determined to follow in the footsteps of other famous performers with Gypsy heritage such as Charlie Chaplin, Cher Lloyd, Bob Hoskins and the Gypsy Kings.”

Bio™ will also be following the work of the Romany Woman’s Union, and the competition they have developed, Miss Gypsy UK. Josephine Smith, the Union’s President hopes that allowing the cameras to follow that work that they do will help to overcome the prejudice that women in her community face. She says,

“The Romany Women’s Union has developed Miss Gyspy UK to counter the ignorance and provide an opportunity for the true portrayal of how Gypsy and Traveller girls lead their lives.”

We’ll be bringing you more information throughout the summer on how filming is progressing, so watch this space!

In the meantime, if you would like more information on Travellers Got Talent please visit the Travellers Times website. (See sidebar for connection to this site.
Meanwhile, the exploitative British show,  my big fat Gypsy wedding, is premiering in the United States on TLC.  Have we no shame?


Anonymous said...

sar san.....hey toots check out youtube my fat gyosy wedding they have all the your honey

Morgan said...

yoy. thanks for the info. I have seen a couple of episodes and double yoy.
love you back "anonymous" toots