Sunday, May 8, 2011



“I’m a Roma Woman”

A Romedia Foundation © Multi-Media Campaign

The campaign website exhorts Roma women to speak out and be the change

“If my daughter wants to be a president, then she will be the first Roma woman president.” - says Violeta Naydenova, one of the young Romani activists featuring in the Romedia Foundation’s project, the website.

Starting International Women’s Day 2011, videos, films, photos, news, life stories and experiences are shared by an estimated six-seven million Romani women worldwide through the campaign website created by the Romedia Foundation, a Budapest-based Roma advocacy organization.

“Our culture is still unknown to most, rumors and prejudices about who we are abound and make up a wall through which we are trying to break through to show, one story by one story, that we are individuals, mothers, daughters, wives. My grand-mother believed that she could make it through and it is now for me to make sure everyone knows that others made it through, too.”– Katalin Barsony, managing director of the Romedia Foundation.

With this campaign the Romedia Foundation, a Budapest-based Roma advocacy organization, aims to create a vision of the future for Romani women which gives space for self-representation, draws strength from both Romani and the majority cultures and stresses the opportunities offered by social activism in terms of both self-fulfillment and community empowerment.



Supported by the Open Society Foundations and the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015

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