Sunday, January 2, 2011


The Jerusalem Institute for Global Jewish Affairshas published a remarkable report on Anti-Semitism and Racism in Hungary by László Molnár in November 2010. I am quoting from the chapter “Anti-Semitism in the Subculture”:

“After the 1990 transition, the quickly emerging extreme-right subculture also strengthened the traditional anti-Roma attitude. A good many neo-Nazi, Hungarist, “nationalist rock” bands came into being in including HunterSS, White Storm, Endlösung, Blood Libel, Power and Vendetta, Romantic Aggression, New Order, Mos-OI, Stoned Cherry, and others. All of these have used extreme racist language and symbols. A song by Mos-OI threatens to turn the country into a “Gypsy-free zone”. It contains the lyrics: “The flamethrower is the only weapon I need to win, all Gypsies, adults and children we will annihilate, but we can kill all of them at once in unison, after it is done we can say it is a Gypsy-free zone.” A song by White Storm proclaims: “Let's exterminate Gypsies!” In their racist outlook, “every Gypsy is a criminal, there is only one solution for them: Auschwitz.... There is a cloud of dust above Poland, where every Gypsy is traveling in the sky.”

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Casimire said...

Fascism is alive and well Morgan, this is the way Euro-man has wanted it for a long time now.
Henry Ford was big supporter of Nazis, bomber planes had orders not to bomb factories Ford had in Germany. He was decorated by Nazi party for his book "The International Jew" Inquisition never really ceased, the mentality is still there. And in Hungary, no shock at all? This facist/Southern slave holder mentality comes from the Bible. We're "decendants of Cain" But during the devouring Gypsies did not sit around saying;"this is a civilized country, they will not kill us off" they made a run for it. The big problem is most Roma are not vocal enough! Glad you are doing something, I'm proud of you Morgan!