Thursday, January 27, 2011


While Sinti/Roma victims of the Porraimos have been included in ceremonies in Germany (see previous post), the European Parlimant has still neglected to recognize the Romani Holocaust.  Morgan

Roma and the Holocaust Memorial Day

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 во 13:15


National Roma Centrum (NRC) with deep concern about Roma victims from the Holocaust, on the occasion of 27 of January, Holocaust Memorial Day, issues this press release remembering Roma victims and those who suffer from the Holocaust, Pharraimos.

We call upon remembrance of the fact that Roma were victims in Holocaust as well, subjected to arbitrary internment, forced labour, and mass murder. Yet it is not known precisely how many Roma were killed in the Holocaust. The fact that Roma Holocaust is not recognized is indicating nourishment of Antiziganism which is widely spread in Europe today.

We are witnesses that Roma are trying to survive confronted with constant deterioration of socio-economic condition, stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, lack of measures to protect cultural and language identity. Many initiatives were raised and formally supported, but still we have very clear gap in between Roma and non Roma populations. Roma Pharraimos in Europe during the fascists era was anticipated with these enclosed policies toward Roma. Regrettably today in the height of 21st century, life of Roma is based on fear from persecutions, evictions and everyday discrimination.

Million of Roma nowadays try to survive and to live in Europe, faced with prejudices, discrimination, violence, inhuman treatment, threats to their life, persecution and violent murders racially motivated. We call upon states to introduce Holocaust education and information about Roma victims.

The words of Universal Declaration of Human Rights hold a promise for all mankind — and those ideals continue to inspire millions across the world, NRC urges all public and state authorities to work for improvement of Roma situation.

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