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Ikea Pays 60,000 kronor to Romani Women Who Were Followed by a Security Guard

Göteborg, 15.1.2011 18:34, (ROMEA)

Four Romani women filed a claim with the Equality Ombudsman against a security guard who singled them out as they were shopping at an Ikea department store in Gothenburg. The Equality Ombudsman and Ikea have now entered into a settlement that gives each woman 15,000 kronor.

When the four Romani women visited the Ikea department store in Hisings Kärra near Gothenburg, they found out relatively quickly that a security guard was following them and constantly monitoring them. The guard's manner of watching the women was even noticed by other customers in the store, which the women found a further insult.

The women filed a report with the Equality Ombudsman about the incident andalleged discrimination based on their ethnicity, according to the Equality Ombudsman's assessment. The Equality Ombudsman decided to file suit against Ikea, but first offered to release the company from liability through a settlement.

The Equality Ombudsman and Ikea have now reached an agreement and entered into a settlement that provides each woman with 15,000 kronor [about $2,240]. Ikea regretted that the women were discriminated against and undertook to enact measures to prevent similar occurences in the future.

"Roma are discriminated against often in daily life, in this case for example. Women who are identified as Roma based on their dress are often especially affected by harassment and insults," said Equality Ombudsman Katri Linna.

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