Sunday, September 5, 2010



Thousands protest deportations of Gypsy immigrants in France

Authorities say 77,000 protesters hit the streets in 130 towns across France in opposition to Sarkozy's program to dismantle illegal Roma camps.

September 04, 2010
By Devorah Lauter, Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Paris — With the fast beat of Gypsy music rousing the crowd over loudspeakers, thousands marched in Paris and other cities Saturday to protest the French government's deportations of Roma immigrants in the name of crime prevention.

Police said 77,000 protesters, led by left-leaning political parties and human rights organizations, hit the streets in 130 towns across France in opposition to President Nicolas Sarkozy's program to dismantle illegal Roma camps. As part of his new security policy, nearly 1,000 Roma have been sent back to Bulgaria and Romania since the end of July


Casimire said...

OK, so you have made it very clear what is going on and what the problem is. What action can be taken, beyond internet petitions? How do we get to address the United Nations as a displaced ethnic group. Being Complasaint is not going to be effective.
OPRA ROMA means Gypsy Arise, does it not? All the artists, intellectuals, and brilliant people in the Romani cooomnity, surely can produce some leaders?
Not an impossible dream!

Morgan said...

Well, surely not an impossible dream, but people must use caution in choosing "leaders".

I agree that more needs to be done than petitions. Many Roma/Sinti in Europe are studying Martin Luther King Jr's strategy and tactics in the battle for Civil Rights

And I also understand your desire to address the United Nations. I'm afraid that I'm a bit to cynical to have much faith. Ian Hancock was our representative to the U.N. and though he worked hard he was not able to achieve much without support.

Casimire said...

Well I get these hear breaking messages on Romani Rights Page. "Please Help us" and I just don't have any idea what I can do? Another internet petitition? I don't know how effective that is as well. I don't want to inspire people to violence, but to give leaders a dose of reality seems effective to me.

Casimire said...

Besides MLK's strategy the United Farm Workers and the American Indian Movement made some excellent statements. I try to inspire people to go before state, local, federal & other government, the UN or whatever it takes. Some of the biggest regrets I have in life involve compliancy. Roma an easy target because we're not a vocal people. Perhaps I'm just a fool! I don't know?

Morgan said...

Casimire, I agree with you.
I am an old woman and after a life of political activism, I admit cynicism about the effectiveness of petitions and letters.
An important thing seems to be creating a strategy that groups in the Americas can do together. I am hopeful.
I must admit that I worry sometimes about the use of terms like integration, inclusion.... Again it seems that we beg for acceptance with the 'we're just like you' sentiments.
I know I have privledge by living in the US where Romani can easily hide, but when I dream it is about Romani free to persue their own lives in their own ways.