Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well, for quite awhile I've been wondering why we got so few comments on the blog.  Today I ran across a spam file stuffed with comments.

For some time we were receiving dozens of spam published daily in the comment section.  These were sexual ads or sales pitches for investment firms or insurance companies.  We deleted these ads after a reader complained.   WE DID NOT DELETE ANY COMMENTS WHICH WERE NOT SALES/SCAM SPAN, and added spam block to the blog. We didn't realize it would prevent MOST comments from coming through.

So, the matter has been taken care of ; hopefully now we will all see the comments sent in.

I apologize to anyone who didn't get their comments publish and encourage you to send more.

And to anonymous in Czech Republic---it would be good to link blogs.  Please email me at

Nais tukay


Casimir3 said...

Ok if this gets posted then your system fixed...Then friends on Romani Rights page don't have any excuse! EH?
This is a test, this is only a test...

Morgan said...

We're in business Casimire, my friend.
This is a challange to others to leave comments.
I would like to hear from Macedonia.
Opre Roma