Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, life really is a hoot.  We've just been notified that the museum is no longer welcome at it's present location.
It's on a friend's property on a "private" road.  Are there really such things.  I wouldn't know, never having owned anything, much less a road.  But I digress. One couple has complained about the presence of the museum.  Just on capitalistic principle I think 
There has been absolutely no problem with the museum.  We haven't played loud music, or had parties.....
The problem arose when we put a sign down at the mailbox which I flipped when I was at the museum. 
It had the inflammatory wording

Believe me, there have been no traffic jams on the road.

Anyway, at this point I don't know what will happen.  We don't have many options on where to move the museum.  Brings to mind the communities in England that keep voting to deny Romani caravan sites.

Anyone have any ideas?


Casimir3 said...

Hi Morgan, Like I suggested in your E-Mail. Write the local paper and ask if there is anyone who is willing to help you with a space. You do not have to mention "WHY" you need to move, just that you are moving. I know this sounds superstitous, but obviously the universe is telling you that was the wrong spot for museum. What you are doing is right, you will prevail. Don't worry! Casimire

Casimir3 said...

PS. Lolo Diklo and this museum is your baby. And you run the show. But may I kindly try to get over some of your phobia with computers and internet? There are no absolutes in this world, even when it comes to good and evil. The net is a mixed bag just like everything else.
Example: I am a Freemason in California & Oregon. Masonry is thriving in California, membership is high. Oregon Masonry is on the decline here in Oregon. Every Lodge in California has a web-site. In Oregon, if you start a Masonic site you can face charges. Hey, I'm just sayin!