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The Associated Press
September 28, 2010
Hungarian TV asks court to block anti-Gypsy ad


Hungarian state television says it is appealing to the Supreme Court to block a political ad by a far-right party that talks about "Gypsy criminals."

Hungarian Television has refused to run an ad by the Jobbik party, saying it was offensive and did not comply with broadcast rules.

But the National Election Committee ruled Monday the ad's message complied with free speech laws and forced state television to broadcast it if Jobbik asked. Nationwide municipal elections are being held Sunday.

The Jobbik ad says it targets Hungary's "parasites." In it, a young woman who is afraid to go into the street asks "Are Gypsy criminals allowed to do whatever they want?" as a hooded figure lurks.

Gypsies, also known as Roma, face widespread discrimination in Europe, especially in the east.

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