Tuesday, March 2, 2010


THE UK Association of Gypsy Women will be in London tomorrow Wednesday the 3rd of March to stand in solidarity with our Sister Soraya Post of the International Roma Women’s Network and 300 Roma refugee’s who will be in Stockholm to protest against their forced repatriation back to Kosovo

The refugee’s sought sanctuary in Sweden but are now threatened with forced repatriation however, if repatriated they will find no such sanctuary awaits them in Kosovo except perhaps, the misery of the wretched former UN Toxic Waste Camps of Osterode and Cesmin Lug. Where every child is born with irreversible brain damage and every breath they take is poisoned.

The demonstrations in Stockholm and London is a coordinated effort with our Sister’s in the United States who will be staging theirs in New York and Washington DC

We invite all Roma Gypsy Traveller Communities to stand in solidarity in their own Towns, Cities and Capitols around Europe and beyond in support of Soraya and her 300 refugee’s in Stockholm or simply write and protest to the Swedish Government to stop all forced repatriations of the Roma people back to Kosovo.


Casimire said...

They could be kicking out the next Nobel Prize winner!

Morgan said...

and they probably are. it's our history.

esma rezdapova has been nominated for a nobel prize many times and still she was denied a visa to enter the united states a few years ago. and the beat goes on......

Anonymous said...

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