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Czech PM’s wife now has bodyguards due to neo-Nazi threats
Prague, 28.2.2010, 15:03, (ROMEA)

Dana Fischerova, the wife of Czech PM Fischer, has been guarded by security services since the start of the year. Fischerova had long refused a police escort, but in an interview for tomorrow’s issue of Tyden magazine, she admits changing her mind. She has done so because of threats related to the aid given to a Romani family who became the target of an arson attack in Vitkov, Opava district, last year. Police are now guarding Fischer, his wife, and their son Jan.

“I have new protection as well. As of January,” Fischerova says in the interview. Threats made in an anonymous letter sent to Anna Sivakova, the mother of two-year-old Natalka who was seriously burned in the attack,were the reason Fischerova changed her mind. “One section of the threats named me and also our son,” she reveals. She denies being afraid, but says she is now more wary of potential danger. “I am convinced this potential risk will pass, both for me and for my son,” she adds.

Four promoters of the extreme right have been accused of the Vitkov arson attack; they will be tried under extreme security measures during May and June. They are charged with racially motivated attempted murder.

The Czech PM’s family was also the target of threats from right-wing extremists last year. TV Nova reports the threats were aimed at Fischer’s son; right-wing radicals were said to be offering a reward to whomever would attack him. The daily Pravo reports that police officers have been protecting Fischer’s son against the extremist organization White Justice. Both Fischer and his son are observant Jews.

Police are also bodyguarding the family of Czech Interior Minister Martin Pecina. Czech Justice Minister Daniela Kovarova and Czech Finance Minister Eduard Janota received increased protection at the end of August as well.

ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert


Casimire said...

Lots of Neo Nazis are ex-cons (in USA anyway) Well if they looked at history, what is the first thing Hitler did when he came to power? He murdered all the Brown shirts. Who were they? Thugs and Ex Cons! Think that one over any neo Nazis out there! Casimire

Morgan said...

Ah you are an insightful one.