Friday, March 19, 2010


Molotov cocktail attack on Roma in Hungary
Budapest, 18.3.2010, 20:08, (ROMEA)


Four homes occupied by Roma in the town of Siófok near Lake Balaton in Hungary became the target of a coordinated Molotov cocktail attack in the early morning hours of Thursday 18 March. News server cited reports from Hungarian news server There were no injuries.

The houses are occupied by families with small children. Fortunately, only one bottle exploded and did not cause any great damage. “We have moved out of the house since the attack. We are afraid,” one of the Romani residents said.

Romani activist Zsolt Németh said the attacks were racially motivated. No serious conflicts between the Roma and the majority population have been noted in the area to date.
The attempted arson follows a nearly identical attack on a Roma family four days earlier in the Czech Republic.

Translated by Gwendolyn Albert


Casimire said...

Trying to murder children with fire! The horror of it, we human beings can be such monsters! When will we stop fighting? Casimire

Morgan said...

Ah Casimire, what a good heart and soul you have. If more people in the world had your sensitivity it would be a much better friend.
Thank you my friend.

Morgan said...

Yoy Casimire, of course I meant a much better world, but I couldn't correct it.