Thursday, November 1, 2012


Brazil, The Petreca-Dini International Poetry Prize awarded to Roberto Malini

Sao Paulo, November 1st, 2012. The Petreca-Dini family's Literary and Humanitarian Circle has awarded the first edition of the Petreca-Dini International Poetry Prize to the Italian poet and human rights defender Roberto Malini. The Petreca-Dini family is of Roma origin, they emigrated to Brazil from Sicily at the end of the nineteenth century.

Since then, the family has devoted itself to the preservation of Roma traditions and their popularization in Brazil where the Roma community has 800,000 members.

To celebrate the Italian poet's award, on Sunday October 28th they held an evening dedicated to Roberto Malini poetry at the family's Literary Circle in São Vicente, with readings in Portuguese of some verses taken from the books "The Silence of the Violins" and "Declaration" (to be published soon).

In the photo: Roberto Malini with the Special Mention Prize at the Camaiore Literary Awards 2012.
We are so very proud of our brother Roberto, a constant ally to the Romani people

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