Monday, November 5, 2012



Photographer Susana Vera documented the demolition of a long-standing gypsy community in Spain over the course of several months. She has created diptychs that pair images from before and after the demolition, as well as tell the story of the effect on the communities, showing the demolition of houses and the displacement of families.

Susana Vera / Reuters — Fifty four families have been living in Puerta de Hierro, on the banks of the Manzanares River, north of Madrid, for over 50 years. The settlers are registered with the local government and have access to public services, but since the summer of 2010 have been subject to evictions under orders from Madrid's town planning board, on the grounds that the dwellings are illegal. Some of the eldest members of the community have been relocated to social rent flats in the city, but often their children and grandchildren have been denied the same right, leaving them homeless. The relatives whose houses are still standing take them in while the debris keeps piling up as more demolitions take place.
I recommend that you visit the website.  The photos speak a million words.

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