Monday, February 13, 2012





On Jan. 27, Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist held a Holocaust Remembrance Service for the Romani people (gypsies). Much of what I knew of the Romani people before this service was based on misinformation — gypsies cheat, steal and curse you. Prejudices and oppression are based on misinformation. The Romani are a wonderful people with a rich history dating back thousands of years to their origins in India.

Did you know that tens of thousands of Romani were killed during World War II? Did you know the United Nations Association has refused to allow the Romani to be part of its Holocaust Remembrance Services? And did you know that many of the Romani people in Europe today are being abused, oppressed, even euthanized? Even Romani who are in the United States are afraid of experiencing prejudice. Some were afraid to attend the Remembrance Service because they felt there might be consequences if they were identified as Romani — loss of business, accused of cheating/stealing and being treated as outsiders.

The O Porrajmos Education Society is an organization that is supporting the Romani. The organization helps people learn about this culture and its people. The Romani people believe that after they die, their soul will remain alive so long as they are remembered. My hope is that we will not forget them and we will begin to look into the atrocities that are perpetrated on them.

Rev. Tom Capo
Peoples Church
Unitarian Universalist
Cedar Rapids
Millions of Romani were murdered during the Porraimos.  I do wish people would accept that fact.

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