Thursday, August 25, 2011


The Letter of Support from European Romani Union (ERU)
25/08/2011 - As the representatives of the European Romani Union (ERU) we are writing this letter of support to our brothers who are strugling nowdays for their basic rights to choose the living place for themselves and their children.
Given that the inhabitants of Dale Farm are legal owners of land where they settled their camp and that the environment in which they reside has been improved and beautified by their own efforts, we simply cannot see one single reasonable reason for the pressure that the authorities in England carry out nowdays toward Roma and Travelers community, denying them water and electricity and keeping them under terrible siege.
The whole story recolls on the worst time of lower races ghettoization by the Aryans who felt unpleasantness having Gypsies in their neighborhood who have been spoiling their nice view from the balconies.
The arrogance with which the government treats the residents of Dale Farm is reelly shocking and disturbing, especially when it comes to the sick and elderly among this vulnerable population.
In conclusion, as the ERU we raise our voice against any violation especially when it comes from the part of the state and aims to endanger vital interest of the minor groups, in this case Roma and Traveler group in England, and also we strongly support the idea of organizing protest camp planned for the 27th of August as the legitimate right of Dale Farm inhabitants who have no other possibility to protect their homes.
Dear brothers as we are not able to be with you at the same place during your protest, we want you to know that we support you with all our hearts and that we are with you in the same spirit.
Dr. Rajko Djuric, President of ERU
Dragoljub Ackovic, General Secretary of ERU

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