Saturday, August 13, 2011


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To: Australian Commonwealth Government International Protest Against The Anti-Semitic Websites Operated From Melbourne, Australia

A person named Hilda Schultheiss operates the defamatory anti-Semitic websites at

Originally from Hungary, she emigrated to Australia in 1981.

Her websites are grossly anti-Semitic, and full of inaccuracies regarding the religious and ethnic affiliation of various individuals who have in one way or another been hostile to Romanies according to the web manager`s point of view.

Through the history Romaphobia and anti-Semitism have been a shared side-by-side presence for our entire existence in Europe. And it's not an overstatement to say that only Jews can come close to understanding the emotional and psychological legacy Romanies inherit from the Holocaust. Thus, nothing would please our common enemies more than to drive a wedge between Romanies and Jews.

For a person such as Hilda Schultheiss, pretending to be a member of the "inside" and then broadcasting bigoted rhetoric is a well-known tactic employed by our detractors. These websites are the creation of a person whose views are not only in any way representative of Romani attitudes towards our Jewish friends, but harmful for Romani civil society as well.

We protest against the content of mentioned defamatory pseudo-Romani websites and demand from the relevant authorities their removal from the Internet!


The Undersigned

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