Sunday, March 13, 2011


24 Hour Candlelight Vigil: Honor and Justice

Saturday March 26th at noon will begin a 24 hour candlelight vigil to honor the

memory of the Ditidaht Wood Carver killed at Boren and Howell by Seattle

Policeman Ian Birk and to pray for true justice. This vigil will end at noon on

Sunday March 27th.

Ian Birk will not be charged in the unprovoked shooting. The Williams family's

petition for a Grand Jury hearing has been denied by the Seattle city attorney and the King County prosecutor. The law upholding special protection for police in homicide cases is the given reason.

May this vigil give voice to the urgent need for community resolve in addressing this injustice, bring strength to the Williams family and honor Ditidaht direction in the coming actions taken.

In peaceful strugge,

swaneagle harijan

Women In Black


Thank you Swaneagle for this information. 
This vigil is to honor the murdered man and to support his family.
The Williams family has requested and demonstrated nonviolence from supporters.

I urge anyone in the Seattle Washington area to attend.

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