Thursday, March 24, 2011


On March 24, 1999, the Nato offensive against Yugoslavia began.

The Romani of this area, especially those in Kosovo, condemned to live on abandoned lead mines, are still suffering from this "humanitarian action". 

How we worry about Libya.

Someone on the radio just said that Obama has launched more rockets than any other Nobel PEACE Prize winner in history.  That would be funny if not so true and sad.


Anonymous said...

I'm still incredibly torn about this. I've read some pretty compelling arguments for both sides.. the human rights activist in me wants to say that, though our mission is vague, though we are effectively declaring war on a third Arab nation.. this response is something of a necessary evil to prevent another Rwanda or Darfur from happening--given that Gaddafi HAS promised to mercilessly crush all opposition to his regime.
But then again. What the hell do we think we're doing? And, also--who do we think we're fooling? You can tell yourself that we won't end up killing civilians, but I'm pretty sure that's already been happening. As history has already proven to us--it's those caught in the middle, the bystanders, the civilians who experience the most devastation by these intervention efforts. Regardless of initial intentions.
Both of these counter articles have been incredibly illuminating for me. You may like them:
Hope you like.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the addresses. I'm going to check those sites.
Again, I find myself ageeing with you. I also feel ambivalent.

It seems we've made a mess of every country we've "bombed" regardless of our professed motivations.

Kosovo is a grand example of that fact, and to this day, no one seems to care about the plight of the Romani there. They are still on abandoned lead mines while a large US military base sits mostly empty.

Okay, thanks again Rae. I'm going to check out those article now.